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Primo Grills

Primo Ceramic Grills

  • Primo’s unique oval shape ceramic grill that allows for direct and indirect cooking methods at the same time.
  • Every Primo grill is an outdoor cooker, but any of them can go into an outdoor kitchen or complement an existing grill or smoker.
  • With the ability to have high heat on one side and low on the other allows for more flexibility.
  • Reversible cooking grid, heat deflector plates, extension racks and other accessories allows for more than 69 cooking configurations.
  • In addition, this grill can handle all types of cooking from smoking large cuts, grilling out for events, or even cooking a pizza.
  • Primo Grills uses the highest grade of ceramics which help maintain consistent temperature and last the test of time.
  • Made in the USA

Multiple Cooking Methods:

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