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What are Trex Hidden Fasteners and How do they Work?

What are Trex hidden fasteners? They help install any Trex grooved boards to the joists with no visible screw heads on the surface. When installed they provide a precise consistent spacing between the deck boards. Glass-filled nylon helps add more durability to the fasteners, adding in a stainless-steel screw for easy installation. Being mad from these materials makes them longer lasting and made to withstand any weather conditions. Small spacing in between each board and these being set below surface level makes these fasteners hidden to the eye.

How the fasteners work is screwing them into the joist between two grooved deck boards. After the first two boards are on the joists have the fasteners on them snug but not fully screwed in. After placing the third board proceed to tighten the previous set of fasteners. On Trex website they have a tip to cut a piece of grooved deck board approximately 1 ½”. Can use this to help puts the fastener into the groove of the board to create a snug tight fit. Trex has a universal fastener installation tool that helps make sure fasteners are snug to the deck board.

Having hidden fasteners helps make building a deck for a homeowner easier and much faster too. In addition, Trex has a couple options with the number of fasteners needed coming in a box that covers 50sq ft. The bucket option covers 500sq ft, these are also on Premium Decking Supply online store. If a homeowner has Trex Protect joist tape on, there is no need to worry about the screw on the universal fastener will damage the tape. In fact, when screwing the fastener into the joist, the tape will create a seal around the screw still maintaining protection to the joist.

Trex hidden fasteners are essential to building a deck using grooved boards. Helps make the process easier and quicker for both a homeowners and contractors. Trex provides fantastic beginner guides both written and videos to help anyone who wants to build their own deck. These fasteners will last a long time and help give that deck a nice clean look with perfect spacing between each board.

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