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What to Consider Before Building a Deck

Building a deck is one of the most exciting parts of upgrading your home. By updating this portion of your property, you create an entertainment space, an area to lounge and destress after work, and even a space to spend with family on the weekend. It’s important to make this as well as possible so […]

What is a Pergola?

You see them everywhere, from backyards to restaurant patios. You have likely even sat under one before and maybe even wondered one of the following. “What is this thing?” “What does it do?” “How much did this cost?”. This “thing” is a pergola and put simply a pergola is an outdoor structure with columns that […]

Why Trex Railing Systems Are Worth the Cost Over Lumber Railings

Trex railing systems what are they? They come in three different levels select, transcend, and signature. Each railing system offer a unique design that makes them easier to install and last longer than lumber. There are also different accessories and customizability for each of these levels some more than others. Along with this there is […]

What are Trex Hidden Fasteners and How do they Work?

What are Trex hidden fasteners? They help install any Trex grooved boards to the joists with no visible screw heads on the surface. When installed they provide a precise consistent spacing between the deck boards. Glass-filled nylon helps add more durability to the fasteners, adding in a stainless-steel screw for easy installation. Being mad from […]

What is Trex Protect? Why a Homeowner Should Get It.

So, what is Trex Protect? It’s a tape that is used for the joist, beam, and rim joist to help prevent rot and wood decay. This is important to have because the spacing in between each deck board allows water to fall through the deck. However, the wood below the decking like the joists, beams, […]

What is Trex Outdoor Furniture? What can a homeowner expect?

Summer is here and it’s bringing the nice weather. This means more time being in the outdoors spending time with friends and family. It’s time to look into some quality outdoor furniture that will last year-round. Trex Outdoor Furniture offers three different types of outdoor future such as Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs, and Deep Seating. […]

Why Get a Trex Pergola over a Cedar Pergola

Let’s start with what is a Pergola. A pergola is an open and grid design that offer in more sunlight than a gazebo. They’re great for creating a nice outdoor space and now are becoming more customizable. Generally, pergolas are made from cedar wood; opposed to Trex which makes there pergola’s out of aluminum or […]

Benefits of Trex Outdoor Lighting

With summer being around the corner, means more time spent outside enjoying the nice weather. Makes for perfect nights for a bon fire on the deck or even just sitting around a table enjoying company. Although sometimes when nightfall comes people will go inside the house where the lights are on. Adding Trex Outdoor Lighting […]

Why Get Trex RainEscape? What it can do for a Homeowner.

In a previous blog post titled “What is Trex RainEscape?” went over what the product is and how it works. Now the question is “Why Get Trex RainEscape?” well to put it simply it depends on what the homeowner feels is necessary. However, the benefits that come with Trex RainEscape make it a product that […]

What is Trex RainEscape? How does it work?

Trex RainEscape is a drainage system for your deck. The system sits over the joists creating a trough that sends water into the downspout, which then funnels the water into the gutters. Trex RainEscape is made with rugged plastic and ultraviolet inhibitors, providing durability to withstand any extreme weather. Not only is it durable but […]