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Envision Decking

The unique combination of craftsmanship and technology that goes into our decking sets us apart from the rest. Our Compress Technology™ creates best-in-class bond between the cap and core, and the EverGrain Core™ ensures your decking is highly resistant to everything mother nature can throw at it.

Distinction Collection – EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY

Elevate your deck to new heights with the opulent hues and striking accents of our Distinction Collection. Crafted to replicate the intricate textures and organic color variations reminiscent of exotic wood, opting for the Distinction line guarantees your deck will steal the spotlight in the neighborhood.

Crafted to mirror the intricate textures and diverse color variations inherent in exotic wood, Envision’s decking is a testament to natural beauty.

Utilizing Envision’s exclusive Compress Technology in tandem with their EverGrain Core, these decks boast unparalleled durability and minimal upkeep requirements.

Featuring naturally occurring, non-repeating patterns, each board offers a unique aesthetic, eliminating the need for sanding, staining, sealing, or worry about splinters.

Resilient against staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot, Envision’s decks ensure lasting performance in any environment.

Plus, with the added benefit of each board being distinct, installation is swift and hassle-free, creating a deck as unique as you are.

Distinction Collection New Cool Tread Technology™ Color Options:

Hampton Dunes
Nantucket Shore
Seaside Pier

Distinction Collection Color Options:

Grey Wood
Rustic Walnut
Shaded Auburn
Spiced Teak

Expression Collection – BRILLIANT BOLDS

Presenting a spectrum of vibrant, solid colors, our Expression Collection stands as the quintessential choice for the rigors of daily family life. It offers an excellent opportunity to complement your home’s aesthetics while relishing in the unmatched durability and performance of our composite decking.

Offering four vibrant color choices, yet retaining the exceptional performance of our composite boards, this collection effortlessly complements any home with its resemblance to painted wood.

Crafted using Envision’s exclusive Compress Technology in conjunction with the EverGrain Core, these boards ensure a deck that’s both resilient and easy to care for.

With no repeating patterns and no need for sanding or staining, maintenance is minimal, allowing you to enjoy your deck without worry.

Resistant to staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot, our boards guarantee lasting quality and durability.

Thanks to their natural-looking finish, installation is swift and straightforward, with each board offering its own unique character, resulting in a seamless and efficient process.

Expression Collection Color Options:

Canyon Ridge
Calibou Brown
Harbor Grey
Woodland Bark

Ridge Premium Collection – BEAUTIFUL & BUDGET FRIENDLY

Boasting a luxurious, earthy aesthetic, Ridge Premium offers a stunning deck solution that combines the timeless appeal of wood with budget-friendly benefits. Its softly blended colors, paired with a fluted profile board, result in a lighter-weight, low-maintenance, and exceptionally durable decking option.

Boasting a rich, natural allure, Ridge Premium offers a deck that marries beauty with affordability. Its fluted bottom design provides a wider edge, facilitating swift and effortless installation with ample room for screw placement.

The naturally occurring random patterns emulate the authentic grain of real wood, eliminating the need for sanding, staining, sealing, or concerns about splinters.

Resilient against staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot, Ridge Premium ensures enduring quality and longevity.

Backed by a 25-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of your deck for years to come.

Ridge Premium Collection Color Options:

Vintage Oak
Black Walnut
Alpine Fog

EverGrain Collection – ENDURING BEAUTY

EverGrain establishes itself as a pioneer in composite decking, offering a wide array of deep-grain patterns and solid color choices. With its enduring textures and prominent design, this uncapped board encapsulates the quintessential charm of authentic wood.

With its enduring textures and striking pattern, this uncapped board perfectly captures the essence of natural wood.

Crafted using Compress Technology, EverGrain has been a trusted choice for over 20 years in homes, commercial properties, and public spaces alike.

Featuring random patterns that never repeat, this board requires no sanding, staining, sealing, or worries about splinters.

Resistant to staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot, EverGrain ensures lasting quality and durability.

While color variations may occur, typically the colors will gradually weather to a lighter shade within the first few months of exposure to the environment.

Available in both 1×6 and 2×6 composite lumber options, EverGrain is suitable for a wide range of residential or commercial applications, even in areas with heavy foot traffic.

EverGrain Collection Collection Color Options:

Weathered Wood
Cape Cod Grey

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