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What are the four grades of Trex decking?

If you’re in the market and looking for a new market, you should be considering Trex decking as an option. Trex decking and other composite decking brands are a true “set it and forget it” option for homeowners looking to enhance their backyard spaces. One thing all composite brands share are levels to decking and Trex keeps it simple with just 3 different levels.

1. Trex’s most affordable line of decking is the Enhance basics and naturals. The boards in this line feature the “scalloped” profile. This means there are full length grooves on the back of the deck boards. The most important thing to note in the enhanced line is that the scratch resistance rating is lower. For common uses of the deck this rating would be just fine, but when it comes to variables such as dogs, kids, and heavier furniture, a more durable line would be better suited.

2. The next step up in Trex’s lines is Trex select decking. It is more expensive than the Enhanced line but still comes in under the Transcend line. The color options come in “basic” colors, meaning that there is no colored streaking on the board but rather a focus on a pattern that resembles tree rings.

3. Trex Transcend is the top of line for Trex and one of the best overall composite decking options available. It comes in 8 different dynamic colors and features Trex’s highest scratch resistance rating. The reason it is more scratch resistant is simple, the cap stock that coats the board is made thicker and stronger. All the colors include the streaking variations to give it a more exotic/wood-like appearance.

4. Lineage –

The new kid on the block, Lineage, is Trex’s newest and highest end deck board available. This board features the strength, durability and scratch resistance of the Transcend line. But there is one new feature that sets it apart and that is Trex’s new cool deck technology that the board is made with. This board is able to stay much cooler than any other board they make. This board comes with the highest price point, but it is far and away one of the highest grade of composites in the market.