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Fiberon Decking

FIberon Composite Decking Materials

A high-performance, eco-friendly wood alternative, Fiberon decking offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods with the convenience of low-maintenance. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your style and budget.

Fiberon Promenade Shaded Cay decking

Promenade (PVC) Decking

Explore the essence of outdoor living with Promenade PVC decking. Embrace the beauty of artisanal wood decking merged with the advantages of top-tier PVC material. Promenade delivers a luxurious appearance that endures over time.

With the charm of artisan-crafted wood decking seamlessly fused with the advantages of premium PVC, Promenade offers a sophisticated aesthetic that endures.

Promenade deck boards boast resilience against cracks, splinters, and mold growth. Their slip-resistant surface texture renders them ideal for waterfront settings like docks and marinas.

Tested rigorously for durability in various water environments—including freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated water—Promenade excels in submerged installations such as dock and pool stairs.

These lightweight, easily manageable boards are buoyant, simplifying underwater installation, while their resistance to warping or swelling, even after cutting, ensures lasting performance.

Approved for all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones, Promenade outperforms wood and PE boards in resisting mold, water absorption, and discoloration.

Meeting the stringent standards of San Diego County and boasting ASTM E84 Class A classification, Promenade exceeds performance expectations.

50-year Limited Stain and Fade, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Promenade (PVC) Decking Colors:

Fiberon Promenade Shaded Cay deck board color sample
Shaded Cay
Fiberon Promenade Moonlit Cove deck board color sample
Moonlit Cove
Fiberon Promenade Sandy Pier deck board color sample
Sandy Pier
Fiberon Promenade Natural Reef deck board color sample
Natural Reef
Fiberon Promenade Weathered Cliff deck board color sample
Weathered Cliff
Fiberon Promenade Russet Dune deck board color sample
Russet Dune

Paramount (PVC) Decking

Paramount decking is divided into two distinct categories known as ‘Hearth’ and ‘Mantel’.

‘Hearth’ showcases two hues enriched with multi-tonal streaks for added depth and dimension. ‘Mantel’ presents two solid colors, evoking a timeless and refined aesthetic.

Crafted from durable PVC, Paramount stands as an excellent option for those seeking lightweight decking with outstanding slip resistance. Its wood-free composition eliminates the risk of mold growth, making it an optimal choice for waterfront settings such as docks.

Featuring lightweight and easily manageable boards, Paramount resists moisture, dents, and flames. Its exceptional slip resistance, validated through independent testing to ASTM F1679 standards, ensures safety in wet or dry conditions.

Tested rigorously for performance in various water environments—freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated water—Paramount is suitable for submerged installations like dock and pool stairs. Even after cutting, these boards maintain their integrity, remaining resistant to warping or swelling when underwater.

In comparative tests against wood or composite boards, Paramount outperformed in resisting mold, water absorption, and discoloration. Approved for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones and meeting the additional fire performance standards of San Diego County, ASTM E84 FSI 30 Class A, Paramount assures both durability and safety.

50-year Limited Stain and Fade, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fiberon Paramount Hearth Brownstone decking

Paramount (PVC) Mantel Decking Colors:

Fiberon Paramount Mantel Clay deck board color sample
Fiberon Paramount Mantel Mineral deck board color sample

Paramount (PVC) Hearth Decking Colors:

Fiberon Paramount Hearth Brownstone deck board color sample
Fiberon Paramount Hearth Sandstone deck board color sample
Fiberon Concordia Symmetry Graphite decking

Concordia (PE) Decking

Concordia, the pinnacle of premium PE composite decking, seamlessly blends timeless elegance with contemporary style while delivering unmatched performance. It’s offered in three distinct collections: Astir, Horizon, and Symmetry.

Introducing the Astir Collection, boasting a rustic cathedral grain and a palette of three nature-inspired multi-tonal hues.

The Symmetry Collection features a subtle low-gloss formula paired with micro-texturing to achieve a sophisticated wire-brushed finish.

Embodying the allure of exotic hardwoods, the Horizon Collection showcases a sweeping cathedral grain adorned with dramatic streaking.

Built with a resilient composite core, Concordia defies splintering, rotting, cracking, and the threats of insects and decay. Its four-sided PermaTech® cap layer ensures unparalleled protection and fade resistance, guaranteeing enduring beauty.

Crafted with 94% recycled material, Concordia is an environmentally conscious choice. Its flat-profile bottom evokes the solidity of traditional lumber, while the finished surface on both sides makes it ideal for elevated decks.

Engineered for efficiency, Concordia’s reversible boards minimize waste and streamline installation, ultimately saving time and money. Plus, with matching fascia and risers available in all colors, achieving a cohesive and polished look is effortless.

50-year Limited Stain and Fade, Limited Lifetime.

Concordia (PE) Decking Astir Color Options:

Fiberon Concordia Astir Prairie Wheat deck board color sample
Prairie Wheat
Fiberon Concordia Astir Mountain Ash deck board color sample
Mountain Ash
Fiberon Concordia Astir Seaside Mist deck board color sample
Seaside Mist

Concordia (PE) Decking Symmetry Color Options:

Fiberon Concordia Symmetry Graphite deck board color sample
Fiberon Concordia Symmetry Burnt Umber deck board color sample
Burnt Umber
Fiberon Concordia Symmetry Warm Sienna deck board color sample
Warm Sienna

Concordia (PE) Decking Horizon Color Options:

Fiberon Concordia Horizon Castle Gray deck board color sample
Castle Gray
Fiberon Concordia Horizon Ipe deck board color sample

Sanctuary Decking

Sanctuary decking, both stunning and effortlessly maintained, showcases vibrant, multi-tonal colors paired with rustic embossing for an authentic look.

Enhanced with a three-sided PermaTech® cap layer, Sanctuary boasts unparalleled resistance to stains and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

With a flat-profile bottom reminiscent of traditional lumber, Sanctuary offers a robust feel while maintaining its composite construction, which effectively combats splintering, rotting, cracking, and the perils of insects and decay.

Committed to sustainability, Sanctuary decking comprises 95% recycled content, making it an eco-friendly choice.

For added safety and peace of mind, a Fire-rated version of Sanctuary decking is available, meeting the rigorous standards for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

40-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance.

Fiberon Sanctuary Moringa decking

Sanctuary Decking Color Options:

Fiberon Sanctuary Moringa deck board color sample
Fiberon Sanctuary Latte deck board color sample
Fiberon Sanctuary Earl Grey deck board color sample
Earl Grey
Fiberon Sanctuary Chai deck board color sample
Fiberon Sanctuary Espresso deck board color sample
Fiberon Good Life Escapes Cabana decking

Good Life Decking

Sanctuary decking is not only visually striking but also a breeze to upkeep, boasting vibrant, multi-tonal hues and rustic embossing for a captivating aesthetic.

Within the Sanctuary lineup, the Escapes Collection mirrors the rich tones of exotic hardwoods with its multi-tonal colors, while the Weekender Collection offers a more classic appeal with its solid hues, reminiscent of traditional stained decks.

The authentic wood appearance of Sanctuary decking is further accentuated by its distinct grain patterns, providing a genuine feel to your outdoor space.

Thanks to its low-maintenance design and easy cleaning process, Sanctuary decking ensures hassle-free enjoyment year-round.

Furthermore, with 96% recycled content, Sanctuary decking demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, making it a conscientious choice for eco-conscious consumers.

30-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance for Escapes Collection & 25-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance for Weekender Collection.

Good Life Decking Escapes Color Options:

Fiberon Good Life Escapes Beach House deck board color sample
Beach House
Fiberon Good Life Escapes Cabana deck board color sample
Fiberon Good Life Escapes Tuscan Villa deck board color sample
Tuscan Villa
Fiberon Good Life Escapes Bungalow deck board color sample

Good Life Decking Weekender Color Options:

Fiberon Good Life Weekender Cottage deck board color sample
Fiberon Good Life Weekender Cabin deck board color sample

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