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What is Trex Protect? Why a Homeowner Should Get It.

So, what is Trex Protect? It’s a tape that is used for the joist, beam, and rim joist to help prevent rot and wood decay. This is important to have because the spacing in between each deck board allows water to fall through the deck. However, the wood below the decking like the joists, beams, and rim joists are left exposed to the elements. Having this tape will eliminate splitting from freezing and thawing, additionally seals deck fasteners and prevents moisture. The tape being made from butyl helps deck screws hold longer and stronger than acrylic or asphalt-based tape.

Why should a homeowner look into getting trex protect for their deck installation? It will help the longevity of the deck which will also save money in the future. With exposure to the elements joists and beams will begin to split and rot at 8-10 years. Something like this will destroy a deck and cost a lot of money in the long run to try and repair or even rebuild. Having Trex Protect being part of a decking project is crucial to extending the life of the deck.

Trex provides this tape in three widths for joists, double beams, and rim joists. Additionally, this product is backed by a 20-year warranty. On Trex website they have a material estimator so that a homeowner will be able to map out how much they need. This helps make sure they have enough material and that it keeps the cost low and within a budget. This tape also provides a non-skid surface making it safer for installation. Trex protect is an essential product in helping keep a deck long lasting and worry free for a homeowner.

Pictures of Trex Protect

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